Clarion Bathware manufactures a luxurious line of both gel-coated fiberglass and acrylic showers. Clarion’s one-piece gel-coat and acrylic models are ideal for new construction, while our gel-coat sectional showers are designed to be the perfect solution for your bathroom remodeling project. Clarion Bathware has the shower that you need for any building project.

Gelcoat Fiberglass Showers > Clarion Bathware’s gel-coated fiberglass units are manufactured using the spray-up method. Each unit receives 16-18 mills of gel-coat, two layers of fiberglass laminate, and extra reinforcing in stress areas. Clarion Bathware’s gel-coated fiberglass showers are available in many colors.

Acrylic Showers > Clarion’s acrylic showers are vacuum formed from a solid sheet of acrylic to provide a seamless one-piece unit. Acrylic is strong, resilient, and colorfast. Fiberglass laminate is bonded to the formed acrylic shell, resulting in a strong, durable unit. Clarion Bathware’s acrylic showers come in a variety of colors.

Shower Pans > Clarion Bathware can supply you a shower pan for your next bathroom project.

Master Shower Collection > Clarion Bathware offers these showers to our customers who desire more than the ordinary.