Q: What is the difference between AcrylX™ vs. Acrylic?

A: AcrylX™ is an applied acrylic that has a superior luster, truer white (than gelcoat), acrylic finish.

Q: Can I buy directly from Clarion Bathware?

A: No. Clarion Bathware products are only available through wholesalers and distributors. To find a distributor near you, you may call our sales department at 800-576-9228 ext. 5212

Q: How do I operate my jetted whirlpool system?

A: First, fill the tub with water making sure the water level is above the highest jet. Press the spring loaded on/off button to start the pump. Once the pump is running you may then control the intensity of the jets by adjusting the air flow knob.

Q: What is the warranty on my new unit?

A: Clarion Bathware warrants to the original purchaser and consumer that its products will be free from defects in material or workmanship when properly installed pursuant to Clarion Bathware installation instructions for the following warranty periods:


Lifetime Warranty

 (1)        AcrylX™, Residential* Use

 (2)        CenturyStone™, Residential* Use


Thirty (30) Year Warranty

 (1)        AcrylX™, Commercial* Use

 (2)        CenturyStone™, Commercial* Use


Five (5) Year Warranty**

 (1)        Premium Cast Acrylic


All accessories or purchased parts carry a (1) year warranty.

If a problem occurs within the six year period, simply call our customer service dept. at 800-576-9228 ext. 5218. Please note that damages that occur due to shipping or handling will only be covered under warranty at the point of delivery from Clarion Bathware. Once a unit or units are delivered and signed for, any damages that occur are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Q: Where can I purchase materials to repair my unit?

A: For AcrylX™ units, any Clarion Bathware supplier can order AcrylX™ repair kits for what ever color of unit you have. Any other materials such as fiberglass matt, resin, acetone and so on may be purchased from your local automotive supply.

Premium Cast Acrylic units are a little more involved to repair versus AcrylX™. If your Premium Cast Acrylic unit becomes cracked, it is recommended to call a professional repair service. Clarion Bathware utilizes a network of repair services throughout the United States. If you need to find a repair service near you, you may call our customer service dept. at 800-576-9228 ext. 5218.